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Inaccurate coding remains a top medical billing error

While ICD-10 implementation went smoother than expected for most healthcare organizations, coding inaccuracies are still a significant challenge for many providers.

In July, the American Health Information Management Association (AHIMA) identified the top coding challenges, including incorrectly applying the seventh characters for trauma and fracture codes. Incorrectly or mistakenly coding a medical service will likely lead to an uptick in claims denials

So, what is AAA doing about it?

AAAMB continue to recommend the correct codes to all of our providers when we review the charge codes. Our billers spend ample time reviewing the charge entries, and provide guidance to the Physicians and the Admin staff.

We are seeing drastic decline in the actual claims rejections due to the ICD-10 codes. We have this information ingrained in our detailed process; so we are able to catch the issues up front in a proactive basis.

Reach out to us if you are seeing rejections due to billing errors. We got you covered!

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